Mumford & Sons’ Ted Dwane confused a lot of people recently when he used the term “doom-folk” when talking about their next album, but singer Marcus Mumford says it was meant to be a joke.  Mumford added that describing their new sound as “Black Sabbath meets Nick Drake”  was a bit off, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not evolving.  The vocalist says the group have been taking their time with the new album and not putting a deadline on when it will be ready.

In an interview with told NME, Marcus said “We don’t want to put that extra pressure on ourselves.  Everyone’s just letting us get on with it.  The only people that have heard it are [producer Markus] Dravs, our manager, and us.  No one else has been involved in the process, so it means that we might have completely f***ed it up.”  The vocalist said it’s still in doubt whether the album will arrive this year, but they’ll continue to work on the music and get it out when it’s ready.

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