Written by Corey Irwin

The wombat is a funny looking marsupial. It has short legs, a stubby tail, and only comes out at night. None of these characteristics are applicable to the band The Wombats, though now that you mention it, we’ve never really looked for a tail. Instead, this group specializes in the brand of upbeat indie-rock that gets stuck in your head for days. Check out their new single “Jump Into The Fog” and tell us if you think it sinks or swims…




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3 Responses to Sink Or Swim: The Wombats – “Jump Into The Fog”

  1. MoSheD PoTaTo says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG so it SWIMS! thank you for playing it Jed. i tuned into ALT Nation on Sirius and this song was #3 this week! long live the BATS!

  2. JL Starlight says:

    SWIM!! It’s practically flying it’s so up there!!

  3. lee958p says:

    Gotta SWIM! Very fresh, slightly quirky, but strong beat. Would give it an “8″ accompanied by a fresh red wine.

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