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Our old friend Tom Morello was kind enough to hang out with usĀ for a little while. We talked about his new song with Serj Tankian and Tim from Rise Against, his deep love for Bruce Springsteen, and Rage Against The Machine’s debut album turning 20 years old. Check out the video clips after the jump…







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2 Responses to Tom Morello Stops By Our Studio (video)

  1. Sinem says:

    I am randomly guiessng at this, but it would be really cool for NIN to open for them or Primus (yeah right). I am making this up, but it would be a badass show if Primus or NIN should play with Tool?????Speaking of Primus, I heard that on Serj Tankian’s band has (I believe) the guitarist and maybe the drummer from Primus. The singer/bass guitarist on Primus is not touring with Serj. But that would be cool to see Serj live, since some Primus edge is in it??

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