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Time for our second round of What’s Next Wednesdays. Here are 5 new bands we’re listening to this week:

ARTIST: Broods

WHO ARE THEY?: Caleb and Georgia, a brother and sister duo from New Zealand. They’ve been making music together since they were kids, but have only recently started making waves on both sides of the equator.

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: Powerful vocals, haunting lyrics, and an electronic edge. Broods’ music manages to sound both familiar and completely unique at the same time. Georgia’s voice shines through on many of their tracks, as Caleb creates a atmospheric landscape for her to build upon. The duo are working with Joel Little, known for his work with Lorde. Stylistically, there are similarities, but the band still manage to separate themselves from the “Royals” star. Fans of The xx and Imogen Heap will enjoy Broods’ new self-titled EP. A full-length album is expected this summer.



ARTIST: Bad Suns

WHO ARE THEY?: A four-piece out of Southern California, made up of Christo Bowman (vocals), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Morris (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar). The group has been together since 2012.

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: Armed with melodies that instantly get stuck in your head, these guys take influences from the 70s and 80s and evolve them into an all together modern sound. Bad Suns have played at CMJ and South By Southwest, as well as extended tour dates with The 1975. An EP called Transpose is already out now, with a full length LP due later this year.


ARTIST: Wild Cub

WHO ARE THEY?: The rare example of a band that LEFT Brooklyn for inspiration, Wild Cub are a quintet now based in Nashville. The group is made up of Keegan DeWitt (vocals), Jeremy Bullock (guitar), Dabney Morris (drums), Harry West (bass), and Eric Wilson (keyboards).

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: Uplifting indie rock that you can clap, sing, and dance along to. This is the kind of band that can bring together hipsters a rockers without the slightest hint of pretention or irony. Put in simpler terms, they make songs that all music lovers can enjoy. Bonus points go to their lead singer DeWitt who has also composed scores for several independent films and even got himself an Oscar nomination in 2013.



WHO IS HE?: A singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, Matthew Hemerlein, better known by his stage name Lo-Fang, has traveled all over the world. Most of the songs on his debut album Blue Film were written in hotel rooms or while on international journeys. Cambodia, London, Bali, Tokyo. This guy’s passport has a lot of wear and tear.

WHAT’S HIS DEAL?: Though he is a classically trained musician, Lo-Fang’s style is decidedly new. Ambient electronic sounds bend and twist along his soulful vocal melodies. He’ll be opening for Lorde during her US tour in March, a prime opportunity to introduce himself to new fans. If you’re going to any of the dates, be sure to get their early. Word is Lo-Fang puts on quite the show.




WHO ARE THEY?: A quartet from based in New York, made up of Michael Ian Cummings (vocals), Josh Hubbard (guitar), Noah Rubin (drums), and Dan Burke (bass). The band formed in 2012 and have a style that harkens back to 1970s punk (think The Ramones or The Clash).

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: Things have come along quickly for SKATERS. They formed, played their first shows, and signed to a major label all within their first year of existence. Their songs have a nervous, frenetic energy to them. The kind of thing you could make you dance or make you break something (or both). Debut album Manhattan is out now. Look for the band in your town during their upcoming spring tour.

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Beck Photo_Beck_300GRAY

There’s no denying that Beck is one of the most talented musicians of our time and space. From Odelay, to Sea Change, to Modern Guilt his albums have shown a depth and range that stand the test of time. Now, after a 6 year break, Beck is back with a new album called Morning Phase and we’re giving you the chance to win it!

Beck Cover__300RGB (2)

All you have to do is fill out this form! Each winner will get a digital download of Morning Phase and we’ll also ship you a vinyl copy… Yes, you read that correctly – a vinyl record you can show off to your friends!


Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. Limit one entry per person. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. A big thank you to everyone at Capitol Records and Universal Music Group for their help with this promotion.

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This is a new feature we’re bringing to our website. Every Wednesday we’ll be introducing you to 5 new artists you may not have heard of yet. The only rule, they cannot ever have had a song crack out top 20 chart. Got it? Good. Here we go:

ARTIST: Magic Man

WHO ARE THEY?: Alex, Sam, Justine, and Joey, a group of friends from Boston. Alex and Sam met in high school, while the others joined the band after college. They’ve previously toured with Walk The Moon and are currently on the road with New Politics.

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: Their energetic, up-beat music is the kind of stuff that instantaneously gets stuck in your head. The songs feature powerful vocals, gorgeous synth lines, and enough bass to keep their fans constantly dancing. If you like The Killers, Foster The People, or Bastille, this should be right in your wheel house.

ARTIST: The Glitch Mob

WHO ARE THEY?: Ed, Justin, and Josh, a three-piece electronic group from Los Angeles. If you’ve looked at this year’s Coachella lineup, you’ve probably seen their name. You don’t even have to squint. They’ve earned themselves some big-sized font.

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: Their forte is dark, blood-pumping, shake you to your core, electronic music. After becoming one of the biggest names in LA’s underground scene, the group is exploding into the mainstream on the strength of their new album Love Death Immortality. Several of the new songs feature guest vocalists, including Aja Volkman from Nico Vega.

ARTIST: Royal Blood

WHO ARE THEY?: A hard-rocking duo from the England made up of Michael Kerr and Ben Thatcher. These guys have been making waves overseas and are touring the UK with Arctic Monkeys this spring. They’re set to invade America on the heels of their single “Out Of The Black.”

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: Rock music is often at its most powerful when it is completely raw and unfiltered. Royal Blood prove this by combining blistering guitar, heavy rhythms, and haunting lyrics. The result falls somewhere between Rage Against The Machine and The White Stripes. Let’s be honest, that’s pretty good company to keep.

ARTIST: Max Frost

WHO IS HE?: A slick singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. You’ve probably heard his song “White Lies” in the Beats by Dre commercial.

WHAT’S HIS DEAL?: Though he may be a new artist, Max is hardly a rookie. He started playing music at age 8, performed his first gig at 12, and has come up through the always fertile Austin music scene. His sound combines soul, rock, and electronic music. It’s as if Gnarls Barkley, The Neighbourhood, and Phantogram had a love child together (yes, we mean that in a good way).

ARTIST: Bear Hands

WHO ARE THEY?: A four-piece indie rock band from Brooklyn, made up of Dyaln, Val, Ted, and TJ. Their new album Distraction comes out later this year.

WHAT’S THEIR DEAL?: The bandmates met in college while many of them were still focusing on playing punk music. As the group began making music together, the sound evolved. Somehow they maintained their edge, while embracing a wider sonic style. Fans of Twenty One Pilots and Young The Giant should take note.

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AWOLNATION scored a big hit with their awesome debut album Megalithic Symphony. Now, the band is releasing a Deluxe Edition 2 CD set that includes the original album, b-sides, rarities and remixes. If that weren’t enough, it also comes with an AWOLNATION patch and a surf wax comb/bottle opener.

We’re giving away FREE copies to some of our very lucky fans. To win, all you have to do is send us you name, age, and on what station you listen to Out Of Order:


Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Odds of winning dependent on number of entries received. For full list of rules and regulations, click here. Big thanks to everyone at Red Bull Records for helping out with this contest.

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What can you say about Kings Of Leon that hasn’t already been said? They are an amazing band, incredible live, and have a well earned reputation for putting on sensational performances. Their headlining set at Life Is Beautiful was no exception. The crowd’s anticipation was palpable when the band emerged on stage. They quickly erupted into a set filled with hits like “Sex On Fire” and “Use Somebody”, as well as new favorites like “Supersoaker”. All the while, the audience sang along and danced, feeling the excitement and emotion in each and every song.

Click through to take a look at Kings Of Leon at Life Is Beautiful:

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Portugal. The Man have been making great music since 2006, but only now do they seem primed for a huge breakthrough. Their latest album, Evil Friends, was produced by Danger Mouse and features awesome tracks like “Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue” and “Modern Jesus”.

At Life Is Beautiful, the band emerged from a cloud of fog to put on one of the best sets of the festival. Equal parts haunting and powerful, Portugal. The Man displayed the ability to hold the crowd in the palm of their hand during their extremely memorable performance.

Here are just some of the images from Portugal. The Man at Life Is Beautiful:

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A hard-hitting quartet out of Los Angeles, Nico Vega brings power and intensity to every song they play. One listen to their single “Beast” and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Raw, pure emotion overflows in their music and is even more evident when seeing them live. At Life Is Beautiful, lead singer Aja Volkman captured the audience’s attention from the moment she stepped on stage. Dynamic and eye-catching, Volkman thrashed her hair, jumped on a bass drum, then later climbed into the crowd. The band’s exhilarating brand of rock was definitely one of the highlights from the weekend.

Check out some pictures from Nico Vega’s set at Life Is Beautiful:

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Hailing from Oakland, CA, Wallpaper. are a hybrid alternative hip-hop group. The band is the brain child of Ricky Reed, their front man and founder. On stage Reed flashes bravado, but never manages to take himself too seriously. This music is fun, after all, and watching the group perform at Life Is Beautiful it really felt as though the band enjoyed the set as much as the audience. Reed and fellow singer Novena Carmel displayed a natural chemistry, smiling, dancing, and moving all over the stage. Their energy was palpable and resonated with the fans, many of whom were seen dancing up a storm during the songs.

Take a look at some of the pictures from Wallpaper.’s set at Life Is Beautiful:

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Out Of Order fans may be more familiar with Donald Glover for his role on the television show Community than for his successful rap career, but make no mistake – this is a performer who knows how to own a stage. Glover performs under the pseudonym Childish Gambino and displays a flair and persona that rivals any other rapper today. At Life Is Beautiful his bravado was in full effect, eliciting monstrous reaction from the crowd, with fans cheering, yelling, and singing along.

Check out some images from Childish Gambino at Life Is Beautiful:

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A trio of sisters from Los Angeles, CA, Haim channel a brand of music reminiscent of Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, and Florence + The Machine. These ladies have a penchant for creating instantly catchy hooks, as evident in their current sing “The Wire” (which we’ve played on Out Of Order). Their rock chops were on full display at Life Is Beautiful as the sisters ripped through an energetic set.

Click through to see pictures of Haim at Life Is Beautiful:

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