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This weekend on OUT OF ORDER we’re bringing you the BEST in alternative rock including new music from Capital Cities…plus the guys from Arctic Monkeys stop by to tell us about their new single and Matt from Cage The Elephant was apparently quite nervous when he met Sir Paul McCartney…

For these tid bits and much much more tune in to OUT OF ORDER WITH STRYKER this weekend on alt rock stations across the country.

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We here at “Out Of Order” love Capital Cities. In fact, we played them WAY before other radio shows (not to brag or anything). The guys were nice enough to stop by our studio for a little video interview, where we asked them about dance moves, eating on the road, and the inspiration for “Safe And Sound”. Check it out!!

In junior high, our teacher demanded we learn all the state capitals in the USA. We cheated on the test and managed to get 42 out of 50 (not bad, right?).

Anyway, if the state capitals had been as mesmerizing as the electronic duo Capital Cities, we’d probably have gotten 100%. ┬áThese guys just have a way of crafting a catchy, danceable, and hypnotic track – as evidenced by their hit single “Safe And Sound”. Now we’re giving away signed copies of Capital Cities’ new EP! All the details, after the jump.


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