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from Broods' facebook page

from Broods’ facebook page

New Zealand duo BROODS are finishing up their first US visit this weekend with two shows in NYC.  Last week, producer Corey had a chance to sit down with the brother and sister group to chat about kiwi life, their new music, and much much more.  Given the success of their track “Bridges” (video below), we here at Out Of Order thought it’d be worth while to share some great tid-bits from said conversation.  Enjoy!

OUT OF ORDER: Are there any non-musical activities that you’re really looking forward to partaking in on this trip to the states?

GEORGIA: Well I bet I wanna do something that nobody else like really wants to do…cause I like doing childish things like going to Disneyland…

CALEB: Georgia would probably really like to go on Ellen…in the audience, and be one of those people who are just like: “YEAH!”

G:  Screaming, dancing…yep, that would be me!

OOO: Are your nerves going wild now that you’re on the brink of these first US shows?

G: So nervous…

C: I mean we always take nerves into a show, no matter where it is or what it is…it’s good to have that little bit of nerves, it’s healthy…you should be worried if you don’t have those nerves.

G: I think because we’ve had heaps of tweets and contact from US fans that’s what makes us nervous cause we wanna y/k give them what they came for and just really make sure we put on a really good show for all the US fans cause they’ve been so good to us and we just love them to bits…even though we don’t know them, we feel like we do through social media and stuff.  People that tweet us most days, it’s just kind of like you create these little cyber friendships with your fans…it’s hard to explain but it’s something really cool and it makes you wanna keep going.

OOO: Does being siblings help or hurt your dynamic in the studio?

C: I mean like we said, we’ve grown up as best friends but in the studio and stuff…cause we’re brother and sister it’s very easy to tell one another whether we like something or not.  Yeah, the other person is completely understanding and doesn’t take it to heart at all which is good.

G: Yeah we do kind of step it up on a professional level when we’re in the studio and we’re trying to make something, when we’re on stage and we’re giving a show, and it’s all about supporting one another…and um yeah, we don’t take the piss out of each other too much when we’re working *laughs*…just enough but not quite to the point where it starts getting hurtful.

OOO: There’s been a recent surge of New Zealanders in the music scene–Lorde’s success at the Grammys is a perfect example.  Is that something that’s strange for you?

G: Yeah I think that people used to hear the word New Zealand and kind of not know what it was or where it was and now they hear New Zealand and they think Lorde, they think Kimbra, they think Naked and Famous, they think good music and it’s good to kind of have those names backing you and backing New Zealand music.

OOO: Is it a catch 22 in that sense as well because now immediately you’re going to be compared to those acts regardless…have you gotten tired of that yet?

C: I think it’s a huge compliment…to be compared to the likes of Ella [Lorde] or the guys from the Naked and Famous, they’re all very talented people and we respect them highly.

G: For us it’s more of like just reassuring us that we’re getting there and we’re getting up there and we’re getting to the same level…trying to.  It’s kind of nice to have those comparisons and we’ve definitely accumulated fans from other New Zealand bands because they want to see what else is out there…we don’t really get too tired of that, we’re a little bit grateful.

OOO: The single is called “Bridges”, did you know from the get go that it was going to be as big as it’s turned out to be?

C: I remember when she sent it to me, she was back home in a different city cause I was still at university and I was sitting in a lecture theater…and she sent me this song and I was just like, “this lecture’s really boring so I’m just gonna listen to this.” So I plugged it in, put my headphones on, had a listen to it, and I actually just called her up in the lecture theater like straight after I listened to it and I was like, “Georgia…this song is BLOODY AWESOME!”

G: He’s like, “Georgia, this song…it’s the best song you’ve ever written”…and I’m like, “Woah! Ok, well that’s good…good you like it!”

BROODS are heading back overseas next week but be on the look out for their debut full length release coming soon.  For more info connect with the band through Facebook, twitter, or soundcloud.

L->R: Georgia, Corey, Caleb

L->R: Georgia, Corey, Caleb

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