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We here at “Out Of Order” love Capital Cities. In fact, we played them WAY before other radio shows (not to brag or anything). The guys were nice enough to stop by our studio for a little video interview, where we asked them about dance moves, eating on the road, and the inspiration for “Safe And Sound”. Check it out!!

British singer/songwriter Dan Croll is a former rugby player turned award-winning musician. If that doesn’t get your attention, how about the fact he creates really awesome songs! After conquering his homeland, Dan’s set his sites on the USA with a new EP called From Nowhere. Watch our video interview with this charming English lad, after the jump…


Written by Corey Irwin

The wombat is a funny looking marsupial. It has short legs, a stubby tail, and only comes out at night. None of these characteristics are applicable to the band The Wombats, though now that you mention it, we’ve never really looked for a tail. Instead, this group specializes in the brand of upbeat indie-rock that gets stuck in your head for days. Check out their new single “Jump Into The Fog” and tell us if you think it sinks or swims…



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